What is Schools First?

Schools First is the campaign organization that works to help pass Seattle School levies. It’s a grassroots, citizen-based organization founded in 1995. Our primary mission is to inform voters about upcoming school levies and to direct efforts toward ensuring their passage. Schools First comprises a volunteer Board of Directors who work together to meet the mission of Schools First.

Ongoing Public School Support

As a permanent political organization, we are a unique voice for encouraging support for local levy funding of our Seattle Public Schools. Our continued existence demonstrates the commitment of citizens who care about our public schools and are dedicated to providing information to Seattle voters when considering levy ballot measures.


Schools First receives its funding from private corporate donors and individuals in the community concerned with the quality and success of all Seattle public schools.

Executive Committee
Greg Wong, President

Kerry Cooley-Stroum, Vice President
Barbara Kelley, Vice President
Peter Maier, Treasurer
Lyn Porterfield, Secretary
Tania de Sa Campos, At Large
Jake Ewart,  At Large

Board Members

Heidi Bennett
Michael DeBell
John Donaghy
Leanne Guier
Cassandra Johnston

Jonathan Knapp
Phil Lloyd
Lisa Macfarlane
Melinda Mann
Sara Morris
Dean Nielsen
Estela Ortega
David Perez
Bill Sherman
Mary Sullivan
Carol Rava Treat
David Westberg
Keven Wynkoop

Finance Co-Chairs
Melissa Pailthorp
Rodney Wheeler