Schools First – Vote Yes! from Barta Pictures on Vimeo.

We’re glad to be able to announce that Seattle voters overwhelmingly voted to renew their commitment to our students and our schools!

Both Proposition 1, the Operations Levy, and Proposition 2, the Capital Levy, received over 72% “yes” votes!

These are very strong results, particularly in a low-turnout election. Seattle voters clearly understand the importance of investing in our kids and creating great schools for every child.

Thank you to everyone who supported, endorsed, contributed to, and worked on the campaign. Schools First is a volunteer organization and a people-powered campaign. We couldn’t have such strong results without your help!

Thank you again for your help and support!

In February 2016, Seattle voters will be asked to renew two critical levies that support Seattle’s public schools.

The Operations levy provides a quarter of the funds needed to operate the Seattle Public Schools, including critical teaching and instructional programs. The Capital levy (BTA IV) will provide much needed funding to expand school capacity and support classroom technology, academics and athletics.

Meeting the Growing Demand for Public Education in Seattle

Enrollment increases in Seattle Public Schools are expected to continue. Vibrant and popular public schools are part of what makes Seattle a great place to live, but we need to provide the funds to build the quality, permanent classrooms our students need and deserve. BTA IV will expand school science laboratories and add 2,050 new classroom seats to help to meet the capacity gap so that every child can go to safe, modern classroom in a great school. BTA IV delivers a total of $475 million to students with improved building, academics, athletics and technology – a list of projects can be seen here.

Making Our Schools Safer for Our Kids

Many of our school buildings are decades old and do not meet modern safety standards. BTA IV will provide more than $12 million dollars to modify existing buildings to make them earthquake-safe for our students and teachers.

Building on a Track Record of Success

The expiring BTA III levy has been a success. This well-managed effort has resulted with the vast majority of projects completed under budget and on time. BTA III repaired and upgraded roofs, life safety, technology and mechanical systems; invested in classroom computers and science facilities that help students receive a 21st century education; and improve energy efficiency to save taxpayers’ money on utility bills.

Renews our Commitment to Help Every Child Succeed

Our Operations Levy provides 25% of Seattle Public Schools operating budget. Without these funds – $758.3 million over three years – our schools’ budgets would be devastated. This levy will provide funding for basic day-to-day operations, teachers and instructional assistants, textbooks and classroom supplies, bilingual and special education services, bus transportation, student activities such as athletics, arts, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, professional development and training.