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Ensuring success for every student: two key levy renewals

In February 2019, Seattle voters will be asked to renew two levies:

The District currently is in the planning process for both these levies, with updates available at

  • The expiring three-year Operations Levy
  • The expiring six-year Building Excellence Capital Levy (BEX IV)

This is challenging time for school funding elections. Support for school levies and bonds dropped considerably in our neighboring districts in February 2018 because of confusion over state funding and the threat of higher state property taxes.

The state has NOT fully funded K-12 education in Washington State. Local levy dollars are critical to ensuring success for our students and schools.

The operations levy fills the gap between what the state funds and what our schools need to operate every day. The operations levy pays for day-to-day operations, including:

  • Staff, including teachers, nurses, counselors
  • Services, such as special education, bilingual services
  • Academics, such as textbooks, technology and classroom supplies
  • Activities for students, such as athletics, arts and music

The capital levy funds construction of school remodels, repairs and maintenance, helping Seattle Public Schools with:

  • Safety and security measures in schools
  • Keeping up with enrollment growth by adding new schools and more classroom space
  • Maintaining aging school buildings.

Please check back for more details over the next several months. Want to help now? We are always looking for volunteers and donations, see “How you can help” and “contribute” pages.